Yesterday I went to Six Flags, a little before-school-starts field trip. I hate roller coasters. I went on Space Mountain at Disney World when I was in seventh grade and that’s about the last one I’ve ventured onto. And I had to go alone because nobody in my family would go with me! They all hate roller coasters, too, but there was no way I wasn’t going on Space Mountain, which was legendary at the time. Besides, it was all in the dark, which made it way more tolerable that seeing the gigantic mounting rail in from of me and the plunge about to come.

But I do love spinning rides! Those ones with arms that go all crazy like a spider and whip little cars around? Love it. Can’t stand going up and down, but love going round and round. Yes, there is a song there. What about you? Spin or roll, which one do you like best?

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