Last Sunday I spent the day at the bookstore writing. I usually get myself a cookie and an iced and take a seat in a little area they have with 4 comfy leather chairs. A woman was sitting in one of the chairs reading a book. Another woman came over and sat down in a third chair. They started talking about the book the one woman was reading, apparently they both loved the author.

I just happened to have read a book by the author last summer and really liked it. I also happened to buy another of her books to read this summer and, coincidentally, it was in my laptop bag. And I hated it!! I was about 50 pages into it and didn’t plan on reading any more. So I took it out and said to them, “If either of you want this book, it’s yours.” One of the woman had already read it (and agreed it wasn’t the author’s best). The other hadn’t read it and took it to read.

Afterward I kinda felt bad. Had I just taken away a sale from the bookstore by giving away a book? I decided that giving away the book was probably a good thing, as the author got another one of her books into the hands of a reader who could buy more, and it sure beats another book on my bookshelf.

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