OK, here’s the situation. It’s almost done. It’s been almost done for months. It should have been out way before now. So why isn’t it? Well, I don’t just write, I also own my own company, and like books have readers, companies have clients. And they are needy. And they have deadlines (just like books). Unfortunately, they are way more demanding than the characters in a book (who kind of disappear when you turn off your laptop, even if they stay in your head).

The past six months have been crazy off the chart busy with clients. I really appreciate all of your emails asking when it will be ready and I wish I had an exact date. I thought it would have been ready six months ago.

So here’s the deal. I promise I will finish the sequel as fast as I can. And I promise that I will let everyone know as soon as it’s available. And I promise that I will be just as happy when it’s finally done.