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Q: What’s taking so long to write the sequel to THE BOOK OF LUKE?
 I don’t have to answer this anymore!! The book is out! You can buy it here. But, okay, how about this: it’s hard to write a sequel, this book is long, and… it just did.

Q: Is THE BOOK OF LUKE ever going to made into a movie?
A: No plans for LUKE to make it to the big screen any time soon, but you never know!

Q: Are you going to write more books in the Island Summer Series?
A: I’d love to! I have an idea for two more books, but right now I’m writing a different story, so we’ll have to see what happens after that.

Q: Are you writing another book?
 Yes. I have one book that is almost finished and I need to go back to editing it, and another idea that is SO different from anything else I’ve ever written that I’m excited to write it, and also scared to death.