Last night I flipped on the Golden Globes, not because I love movies (I don’t) but I do love pretty dresses!! I had only seen one of the movies up for an award (The Kids Are Alright on DVD), so I didn’t really have an opinion on who should win, but I did have an opinion on the dresses the women wore.

Which always makes me think about what I’d wear to some fancy awards show. And then I get bummed because writers don’t  have fancy awards shows watched by millions of people or a reason to saunter down a red carpet in a fairy tale gown. Which is sad.

But it was watching people accept their awards that really got me to thinking. Everyone should have a chance to thank the people in their lives – the ones who helped them get where they are, or the friends who have always been there, or the teacher from third grade who encouarged their passion. So I’ve decided that I will write an acceptance speech, even though I’ll never get a chance to speak it out loud in front of anyone. But at least I’ll have an opportunity to think about the people who matter the most to me, and that’s always nice. Even if I just say it in my head, without holding a statue in my hand.