Does that explain why I’m such a horrible blogger? Am I out enjoying the foliage, the changing season, having picnics while apple picking? No. Or, yes, sort of . I did go apple picking and have a picnic at a vineyard, and it was lovely and we drove the convertible and it was the perfect Fall day. Enjoying the changing season, kind of.  The boat is officially out of the water (sadness). Was in NYC last weekend and I love NYC in the Fall. But it was almost 80 degrees out when I was there and we were wearing shorts and walking around like it was summer time all over again. We even grabbed a yummy ice cream cone after seeing a play in the Village. And we hung out on a rooftop deck until waaaay too late and not once do I recall thinking, “hmm, it’s October, shouldn’t I be cold?” And the foliage? Well, I have a rocking motorcycle and this is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to ride in the Fall and I have to admit I am a little leery of slippery leaves on the road, even if they look lovely turning all sorts of crimson and orange on the trees.

Now that I can’t be outside as much I am hoping to resume a normal(ish) blogging schedule about the books that I’m writing, of which there are three. Last week I met up with my agent in NYC and we talked about them all, and I felt bad about myself yet again for not having any of them finished. But I’m hopeful that edits for WHEN YOU LEAVE (book 1), the sequel to THE BOOK OF LUKE (book 2), and a collaboration for GLOSS (book 3) will all find their way to completion in the very near future.

So stay tuned!