I get SO many junk emails! I wish I knew how to stop being inundated with garbage, but rather than open the emails to see if there’s even an option to unsubscribe, I just delete them. Here’s a sampling of some recent emails that have arrived in my in box. Apparently someone things I’m a broke, soon-to-be-single middle aged person with a nasty nicotine habit who likes to curl up with a quilt and bemoan her lack of cooking skills.

You May Qualify for Bankruptcy (really?)
Affordable, Flexible Dental Insurance (how nice that they’re concerned about my dental hygeine)
Smoke Anywhere (ok, but I don’t smoke, so not sure I care about being able to do something I don’t do anywhere I want)
Exclusive Online Offer – Try an Electronic Cigarette On Us! (again, with the smoking? what did I ever do to make anyone think I had a bad habit?)
New! $99 Quilts for 4 Days Only! (do I really seem like a quilt person?)
Local Divorce Lawyers Await! (do they know something I don’t know?)
Meet 50 Plus Singles (maybe after those divorce lawyers who await me do their job)
Top Reviewed Senior Living Options (for when my 50 year old boyfriend gets too old for me?)
Cooking School Openings (they’ve obviously had a meal at my house and discovered I need help)