Something that’s always kinda confused me – turn down service at a hotel. Really? I need help pulling a comforter two feet down and folding it over into a little triangle? Now if turn down service includes a chocolate on my pillow it makes a little more sense (I’m a HUGE chocolate fan but eating chocolate before bedtime doesn’t really appeal to me – chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, anything but  little piece of chocolate). But a “service” that gives me a piece of chocolate on my pillow and moves a few throw pillows? That hardly qualifies as a real service in my book.

Often I’m staying at a hotel and there will be a knock on the door asking if I’d like turn down service. I always say no. Do I really need someone else to fold over a blanket for me? Am I really that lazy? I do it every night at home, I think I can handle it when I’m on the road. Can anyone explain why a turn down service is needed?