For me there are three distinct modes when writing a book:

1. Ideas! They won’t stop coming, my fingers can’t type fast enough, how am I ever going to get the words from my brain to my fingers to the keyboard and on the screen fast enough?

2. I suck. Oh, my god, I can’ t write a word. This is impossible. What the heck am I going to write next? I can’t even think of a sentence. I hate this. I’ll never write another book. This is hell.

3. Ok, the words are adding up, so I’m not typing thousands of words today, but at least I made some progress. It seems to be coming together.Maybe this will actually be a book after all. Because I really love this story. I sure hope someone else does.

So which mode am I in most of the time? Lately, verging on #2. Trying to move in the direction of #1 and wishing and hoping and finger crossing that I’ll be in #1 land soon.