Thanks to everyone who posted their answers to: Summer is awesome because _____________.

The answers were great, here’s a sampling:

… because there is always a baseball game to go to!

… because there are so many great books to read in the sun.

… because I’m technically supposed to eat a lot of ice cream to “cool off.”

…because of the warm weather and longer days.

… because I don’t have school,wait there is more, and that means I have nowhere to go, which means I read books like crazy! Not that I don’t read books like crazy anyway, but I read them more 🙂

… because I love the sun and water and this is the perfect time for it!

…because the weather makes you want to stay in and work on things that have been long overdue.

… because I get to go to show choir camp.

… because that’s when the hotties come out to play! 😛

… because the pool is open!

… because I usually get to see my good friend Carleigh!

Unfortunately we only have one winner, and that is…(drum roll please)… ERICA, who gets to go to show choir camp. Congrats, Erica.

If you didn’t win, I’m sorry, this was totally random, but I’ll have more contests coming up, so keep checking back here!