Last weekend one of my best friends from college came to visit. In a snowstorm, because that’s what best friends do (as long as JetBlue is flying). She made it out of Richmond and into Boston. The plan was to meet for lunch in Boston and do some shopping. The snowstorm had other plans in mind. So she took the train to my house and we spent the entire afternoon hanging out, listening to music and talking (we also gorged ourselves on CheezDoodles – an entire bag – it was our dinner).

The next morning my other best friend from college picked us up and we headed to Providence for lunch with an old friend of ours. She left Smith her sophomore year but we’d managed to stay in touch. And she is fabulously wonderful and cool and has led a life that makes the of us feel downright boring (she married a juggler and traveled the world… really, her stories are crazy). The juggler is long gone, but us girls are still around. So Ina, Vicki, Vangie and I enjoyed lunch and shopping and an amazing day in Providence. We met eachother (gulp) 27 years ago! Our Freshman year of college. But sitting there talking about life and where we are today and how we got there (we are all divorced and the better for it), we could have been 18 again. It was so awesome.

Once again I was reminded how awesome my friends are and how I couldn’t survive without them.

That night we had our boyfriends join us for dinner and we had an awesome, fun time. But there is nothing like just girls. I can’t wait to do it again.