I ended 2012 under water. In December I went scuba diving for the first time in my life. And I’m not exactly a water person, I love the beach, but don’t love the water so much. It’s always too cold. But in the Caribbean the water was just right and I received some fabulous instruction and the next thing you know, I’m 40 feet under the sea grazing the bottom of the ocean.

That I ended 2012 by doing something I’d never done before was a good omen for me. (although omen has such an ominous connotation and not necessarily positive given the scary movie, but I don’t know what else to call it).

2013 started in the snow, twelve inches of fresh powder to be exact. I went to Deer Valley, Utah skiing and it snowed from the moment we touched ground until the moment we went wheels up. It was freaking awesome. I’ve skied just about my entire life and loved deer Valley. The fact that we stayed at the St. Regis, which sits slopeside and has the best hot chocolate every afternoon at 3:00 in the library, didn’t hurt. 

But I also tried something new – snowmobiling. Let me say, it was a cold day. Like single digit cold, and the  snow coming down in our faces, there were times it was actually painful. But it was also so much fun. And I was so glad to start 2013 going 30mph across the snow in the Utah mountains.

I’m hoping that 2013 is filled with lots of new firsts. I hope yours is too!!