It’s a leap year, and that means we have one more day to do… well, whatever we want! In my ideal world, I’d use that day to write – for 24 hours straight. And I’d finish WHEN YOU LEAVE, which I keep thinking is just about done and then I add more (which isn’t the way to actually type The End).

And, in my ideal world, it would be 85 degrees outside so I could sit by the pool and read all day. As a matter of fact, I already have three books on pre-order for the summer, they all come out in June and I am so ready to hunker down and crack their spine (I always read a “real” book by the pool rather than my Kindle, it feels so much more like true summer reading). And, while I wouldn’t spend my extra day working out for hours, it would be nice to also get an awesome run in and some time in the gym.

So, basically, my extra day would have to last about 40 hours to do what I’d love to do.

So what about you? Any big plans for your extra day?