I truly believe in being thankful for the small things. Every day this summer I’d get up and go out to my hammock and write down a list of all the little things I was thankful for – like my hammock! Or a beautiful sunny morning. Or the butterflies that gather around my garden.

But now that it’s Fall and the hammock is no longer for lounging and the butterflies are gone, I’ve found new things to be thankful for. Like bubblebaths. Because they’re warm and smell good and they’re perfect for making the time to read. So tonight I enjoyed a little bubbly with a book.  Tongiht’s scent: Clementine, which smells like oranges and is so freaking delicious! Unfortnately, I ended up dropping the book in the bath after about ten pages.

If you’ve ever dropped a book in water you know what happens – it expands!! The pages get all wavey and the spine doesn’t close. So now my book is drying in hopes that I will be able to go back to reading it shortly. But even this little mishap didn’t put a damper on my mood. Now my book smells like yumy clementines, so I can’t complain.