I’m juggling (actually something I’ve always wished I could do with tennis balls or apples and I never learned). But I’m not juggling household objects, I’m juggling books.

Recently I was contacted by someone interested in collaborating on a book. With my own next book this-close to being done, it wasn’t something I wanted to distract me. But I really liked this person. He’s lots of fun. And I love fun!! So we talked. And we hit it off. And we come from two entirely different places (he’s in the world of fashion and beauty – me, I’m not). And we brainstormed, talked with my agent, noodled different approaches, and then I started typing.

Now we have the first three chapters (we even have a title). And I still have another book to finish!

I want to finish my own book, and I want to continue writing the other book. So I’m doing both. Which is a little schizophrenic.