Today I chaperoned my son’s class trip to Old Sturbridge Village. Here’s what I learned:

1. I was not cut out to be a farm-dweller in the 1800’s (pigs really, really smell)

2. I do not like the scent of damp burning wood, nor the smell of it in my hair, on my clothes and permeating every inch of my skin

3. Old mattresses not only look lumpy and uncomfortable, they’re also kinda small when you’re used to a king-sized bed

4. Meeting houses are fun places to get on stage and sing Rebecca Black’s Friday (or at least watch 11 year old boys sing it)

5. Low ceilings make you feel very, very tall

6. Small rooms where you hang, smoke and cure meat are neither appetizing nor good for meat-eaters to see (but very good for promoting vegeterianism)

7. Fifth graders are really, really loud

8. School busses – not so comfortable to sit in

9. When you’ve had enough of walking all you have to do is tell kids you’ll buy them cookies and muffins and soda and you’ll get a good 15 minute reprieve from strolling the grounds of a historic village

10. My son is adorable