There are book reviews all over the Internet, so no one really has to be limited to the online reviews offered on book sale sites like Amazon. And normally I try not to take reviews personally. Yeah, I love to read that people loved one of my books and sort of get sad if they don’t, but everyone’s entitled to their opinion. 
Only recently one review really set me off. But even more than the review, an insipid comment in response to that review had me seething. 
A mother, Jill Austin, posted a review on Amazon for THE BOOK OF LUKE: DO NOT BUY!!! Parents Be warned!!! I was assaulted with sex, sex, and more sex (among other comments about all of the SEX!!)
Another person, A. Cummings, replied in the comments section: Thank u Jill, for taking the time to comment. Saved me from having to read the book myself. Should have read the reviews before my daughter downloaded to her kindle. Waste of $9
Why did that piss me off so much? Because this A. Cummings can’t even find the time to READ a book her daughter is interested in, but she has the time to THANK some stranger whose opinion she is going to value above her daughter’s – or HER OWN! Really?
This has me furious!!!! Maybe my parents trusted me, and that’s why they never prohibited me from reading any book I wanted to (and as a result they raised a voracious reader). I totally get that parents have the right to monitor what their kids read. That’s their job. But to pass judgement on a book BEFORE EVER READING IT? That’s lame. And I told A. Cummings that in the comment I left in response to her comment. 
Normally I’d never get into a pissing match with a reviewer (or in this case a commenter to a reviewer). But I had to raise the absurdity of it all. If you’re going to censor what your kids read, how about reading it first? Wouldn’t that be the smart thing to do?
And, I’m assuming that if you read this blog you’ve read LUKE. Is it some hyper sexed up story of teens gone wild? What do you think?