Yesterday I was talking to someone about FourSquare, the “social media” application that gives you “badges” when you check-in at participating places (like getting a Starbucks badge if you go there and check-in with FourSquare). I told her I just don’t get the concept – what’s my motivation to take the time to take out my phone and check-in that I’m somewhere just for some virtual badge. She told me that badges were “social currency.” But currency implies it’s worth something, that it has value. A badge on my cell phone? What’s that worth? Honestly, I don’t get it.

That’s when she looked at me and called me Analog Jen. The woman Iwas talking to is WAY into social media and I am so WAY not. It’s a time suck, and, really, who gives a crap if I’m at Starbucks or the Mayor of Store X or tweeting that I just went somewhere or any of that? If you’re really have a great time, do you honestly want to stop having that good time to pull out your iPhone, log into Facebook and tell everyone you’re friends with that you’re having a great time? No. If you’re having a great time you want to KEEP ON having a great time, don’t you?

So, I may be Analog Jen instead of Digital Jen, but I won’t be the person standing inside to door Starbucks getting her badge and annoying you because I’m holding up the line.