I’m not a movie person. I was raised by parents who took me to the movies from as early in life as I can remember, but the whole experience never rubbed off on me. Sure, I don’t like sitting in a dark room for two hours in a chair, but even when we rent movies at home I find a hard time paying attention. And here’s why: I think 99% of movies suck.

I can honestly say that I stop watching 70% of all movies we get from Netflix – just turn them off. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations, but most movies are so dumb, so disjointed, so illogical, so boooooring. And when they’re adapted from a book, they’re never as good.

In fact, I can’t think of a single movie that was as good as the book. I LOVED the book I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER. It was so funny it had me laughing out loud. The movie? Sooooo bad! Didn’t even make it 20 minutes.

Maybe it’s unrealistic to expect a movie to be able to dive into a story and characters like a book can. And that’s fine. I’ll just stick to books and save myself the $10 bucket of popcorn!