It’s that time of year when school photos bring out the best (or worst) in us. I can remember by heart what I was wearing in practically every school picture ever taken.

Some make me cringe (like the fifth grade Kristy McNichol haircut complete with wings like that pictured here but shorter and waaaay less attractive because it was parted down the middle).

Others remind me of dumb stuff I did. Like when I decided, right before my junior year of high school, to high light my hair – only I didn’t think it was light enough so I rubbed the stuff into my scalp and ended up with practically WHITE hair all over my head. I can’t believe my mom didn’t kill me.

Some outfits I look back on and remember how much I loved them, and others I look at and remember how much I hated them (like the scratchy sweater that was so pretty but felt like I was wearing one of those scratchy doormats against my skin).

What about you? Love or hate school pictures?