Saturday I’m running in the Chilmark Road Race on Martha’s Vineyard. I’m taking a 7am ferry to the Vineyard. I have to be there by 6:30 (am taking the car over). Which means I’ll be up by 5:00 – on a SATURDAY. And I HATE running. I am not one of those people who love to hit the road and run. I hate every second of it, and without my iPod I can’t even do it. I think running is just so boring! It doesn’t clear my head or give me some peace and quiet. Without music all I do is think, “What the heck am I doing – this sucks!!!” But it’s so lovely running the rural roads of Chilmark, it’s totally worth the early morning, the drive, and the ferry over just to partake in this awesome race. And it actually makes me like running for at least one morning. (I’ll take pictures so you know why)

Last year I ran the race and my iPod died about half way through. It was torture. Nothing to motivate me to get a move on. I’m already planning this year’s running playlist, so important to keep me going (I bought a new iPod after last year’s fiasco).

Then, after the race I have some hours to kill so I shall find a lovely spot and sit with my laptop and write until I catch my 3:45 ferry home. Am actually looking forward to a day by myself on the Vineyard. I hope I’m as productive in the writing department as I anticipate being. And I don’t just bag on the whole idea of hunkering down with my manuscript and head to the beach instead.