Today was another absolutely beautiful summer day (even though the weather forecast said it would be gray and rainy, so much for the meterologists!). Last weekend I ran the Chilmark Road Race on Martha’s Vineyard and the weather was perfect, blue sky, warm, the air just felt perfect, clean and fresh.

Next weekend I’m headed to Nantucket to visit with my best friend and then… and then… I hate to say it, it’s Labor Day Weekend. The “official” end of summer.

I love the Fall, because it always reminds me of going back to school and I loved school. But this summer I realized how much weather affects how I feel, and the great weather we had meant it was a very happy summer.

So when I jump into the book I’m writing, and it’s December and cold and snowy and there are Christmas lights strung around the town, it makes me long to write about summer again, like in RICH BOYS and LOCAL GIRLS. I’m just a summer writer, I guess, which is why THE BOOK OF LUKE: THE NEXT CHAPTER is taking place right after Luke and Emily graduate from high school. I can’t wait to write about summer again.

But until then, it’s all winter, all the time in my current book.