I had such a fun week. I had an opportunity to be on a TV show run entirely by teens (with a little help from adult producers). I was interviewed by Dierdre and it was a blast. My daughter even got in on the action (I invited her to come along with me to Providence for the show, and she was all too willing considering it meant I’d pick her up early from school). When Dierdre asked what my daugher thought of my books I suggested she ask her herself. And so I got up and let Carleigh sit in my seat and answer a few questions. So now all of the viewers will know that: A) My daughter has never read any of my books, B) Her friends have, and C) Based upon what they’ve told her, she finds the idea of reading what’s going on in my head – especially when it comes to guy/girl things – creepy.

That’s fine. I can live with that. I guess 🙂

Then, the next day, I got to Skype with a sixth grade class in New Jersey. What a blast! An entire class sitting on the floor, raising their hands to ask me questions. It was non-stop for 25 minutes and even when the teacher said they had to go because class was ending, the hands were still flying. I heard lots of whispering and the teacher telling them that “No, we can’t ask her that, we’re not going to ask that question.” So I said, “What question?”

Well, apparently the burning question among the entire class was…. my age. Yes, they all wanted to know how old I was. So I told them. So cute.