Apparently on Good Reads people can tag quotes and others can “like” them.

I received an email today telling me that a quote from THE BOOK OF LUKE had received another “like” (there are a bunch for this quote). So I clicked on the link and read the quote. It was kind of weird to be reading something I wrote out of context from the story I wrote it for. But you know what I thought? Damn, I totally agree with that passage!! That Emily knew what she was talking about, even if it took her a while to figure it out with Luke.

“I guess relationships are just funny like that. It’s impossible to figure out why some work out and others don’t. Why someone can be so imperfect and still be the perfect person for you. Maybe, in the end, it’s not about changing the person you care about. Maybe it’s about learning what you can live with. Or maybe it’s really about learning what you can’t live without.”