One of my best friends lives in VA. She’s brilliant, not only wickedly funny, but uber smart. We actually wrote a book together a few years ago and it was just about the most fun I’ve ever had (we holed up for 4 days in a little cottage on Martha’s Vineyard and wrote from dusk till dawn and had such a blast).

She’s also scary. Because she’s very, very honest. On March 16th she’s flying up here for the night. And I’ve asked her if she’d read my manuscript, and she said yes. So the pressure is on to 1) finish the freaking thing, and 2) not have it suck.

One thing I do know is that whatever the verdict, the final book will be so much better because of her feedback.

Here’s a picture of us at Book Expo America in NYC when our book came out a few years ago. Don’t we look happy?