I’m in California this week visiting my parents for Thanksgtiving. And, finally, after bringing rain with me, it’s sunny and warm! Yippee! That’s the whole reason I visit them every year in November, to enjoy a last bit of sun and warmth before a long New England winter (well, that and to spend time with my mom and dad).

On Saturday I went into LA and met with Eric Sakas, a make-up artist who contacted me a few months ago about potentially collaborating on a book together. We’ve talked on the phone and emailed a ton, but there’s nothing like sitting with someone and talking face to face (and, yes, I was a tad sefl-conscious about my make-up before we met). We had a super brainstorming session about the story and how it unfolds (I wrote the first three chapters of the book this summer). It’s a very exciting project and I can’t wait to dive in.

But, in the meantime, I’m finishing up WHEN YOU LEAVE, and a little sad for the story to be winding down. It’s been a difficult story to write but, in the end, I really think I like it. I hope readers do, too.

So, lots to be thankful for this week – for family and new friends, exciting new projects and stories that came together in the end, and readers who have continued to email all year with nice words. I hope you have a wonderful, thankful week as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!