I don’t usually write during the summer. And if I do, it’s usually just here and there, not like I do during the other seasons, with dedicated time to sit with my laptop and type. It’s just too nice outside. Or I’m just not disciplined enough to pretend it’s not sunny and warm. In any case, this summer has been different. Probably because I’m finishing one book and starting another. They both take place during the winter months, so it’s kinda hard to picture the snow and gray and wearing gloves when I’m drinking lemonade and sweating.

This is my hammock. I set it up under a tree so it’s lovely and shady and the perfect spot to do some revising. I usually start here in the mornings and end here in the late afternoon, when I’ve had enough of the sun. I love my hammock. It’s my new favorite place.

On the right here is my old favorite place, sitting by the pool. And I still love it, nothing’s better than reading a book next to the pool. And I’ve been flying through books this summer, like one a week. But that is NOT conducive to writing my own books. And you can’t see the laptop screen in the sun. And the suntan lotion gets manuscript pages all gross. So Idon’t get a lot of writing done here, which is why I put out the hammock. But reading inspires me, and helps me write, so I make sure I get in some pool time even if it doesn’t increase my word count.

This is my pickle garden (I don’t like cucumbers but I love pickles so I just call it my pickle garden). This winter I taught myself to make pickles so I decided to grow my own. My hammock is right next to this little pickle garden. I’ve never grown anything before in my life, and I don’t eat a lot of veggies, so this is a first for me. And I love my garden. So sitting beside it while I write, edit and revise is fun and reminds me that if you just put in the work, things can grow!!! (like finished books!)

And this is what happens when you decide that this summer will be a writing summer. That’s a page I revised on the hammock yesterday. Last night I was up past 11:00 typing in my revisions and making more. And this morning it’s back outside to continue working. I’ll have on my SPF 55. I’ll water my pickles. And I’ll read a few chapters of someone else’s book by the pool. And hopefully at the end of the day the chapter you see to the right here will be done. And it will be a perfect summer day.