Am working on creating the book trailer for WHEN YOU LEAVE. My daughter and I had so much fun making the trailer for LOCAL GIRLS and RICH BOYS, but this one seems a lot harder to make. First of all, it’s hard to find images that reflect the book, which isn’t always uber happy. Most pics available have people smiling into the camera -which totally doesn’t work. Also, it takes place in the winter, so while it was so much fun to pick out summery and beachy pics and video for the other trailer, this one is… well, snow. And snow isn’t terribly interesting in and of itself.

But the hardest? The music. Goodness, I’ve listened to so much music and nothing fits. There’s still plenty of time to finish it before the book is published, so there’s no rush, but it sure would be fun to watch a video that brings the story to life. It’s such a blast to watch it all come together. But for now, it’s a silent movie. And there’s a reason silent movies sort of became unpopular, they’re not nearly as much fun to watch as those with sound.