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After a senior year filled with ups and downs and a notebook that almost cost her everything she cared about most, life has finally fallen into place for Emily Abbott.

With graduation behind her and college acceptance a certainty, Emily is looking forward to a perfectly predictable summer. Her plans for a cushy job on Cape Cod with best friends Josie and Lucy, and time to finally enjoy a normal relationship with Luke, are just what she needs.

But when her mom springs a surprise on her and accident upends Luke's plans, the summer ahead brings changes that Emily couldn't have possibly prepared for or predicted.

As the warm weather wanes and college looms in the future, Emily is faced with choices that no handbook can help her navigate. And she's about to learn that the consequences of her decisions will not only tear apart the relationships she's worked so hard to get right, they'll also test whether true love is about holding on or knowing when to say goodbye.