A New Excerpt from the Upcoming Sequel to The Book of Luke

The book is this-close to being finished, so I thought I’d share another excerpt. Here’s some more from the upcoming sequel here.

What your about to read is in the first part of the book, so there’s so much more that happens after this, but hopefully it’s nice to read a little about Luke and Emily before the entire story unfolds. If you haven’t read the first few chapters, you can still read them here.

next chap cover


Where are Emily and Luke? (or, what the heck is taking so long?)
I’m glad that there are so many readers wondering what happens to Luke and Emily in the sequel, and I’m sorry it’s taking so long to get the story out there. It’s taking longer than I anticipated for a few reasons, one is that you guys are freaking me out! You all seem to like the first story so much I’m scared to death you will hate the sequel. So I’m obsessing over everything in it, probably way more than I should, and definitely way more than I did when writing the first book.

More Luke! Read the first three chapters of THE BOOK OF LUKE sequel here!
The story of Emily and Luke continues… thanks to you! I receive so many emails about THE BOOK OF LUKE, and so many ask about what happens to Emily and Luke after the story ends. Hopefully you’ve found the first and second chapters, which I posted on my blog. The rest of the chapters, well they’re coming along. There are lots of twists and turns and ups and downs, and it’s so much fun to revisit Emily and Luke again!

And another book…
Three books in process. And you wonder why nothing is getting finished? I am collaborating with a wonderful guy on another book, which is totally different for me because I am all about the girls! The book is so much fun to be writing, getting inside the head of a guy (and a gay boy, no less) is not my thing so I’m glad my friend Eric is on board to help!

The Next Book is with the Agent!
After a billion (or more) edits and revisions, my next book is complete!

Here’s a little bit about the story:

Unlike her high school classmates, Haley doesn’t let herself look forward to graduation or make plans for the future. An unexpected diagnosis two years ago changed everything, and now without a heart transplant her illness has put her on a time clock. But then a tragic accident gives Haley what she’s been waiting for and the chance to go back to being the girl she was before, complete with friends and a boyfriend who expects her to pick up where she left off, like nothing’s happened.

Only it’s not that simple. Because now Haley’s keeping a secret that threatens to turn her world upside down and keep her from ever going back to normal. And as she finds herself growing closer to the one person who poses the greatest risk to exposing the truth, Haley has to figure out if she’s willing to take the chance of losing the normal life she’s craved, or make a choice that will change who she is forever.

Will post more info as soon as I have it. In the meantime, enjoy this little video trailer.